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Who We Are

At i-Tech Services we are passionate about providing IT Services and Solutions for Homes, Offices and Data Centers that allow you to build an efficient IT Infrastructure. We offer complete IT Service Management solution supporting a wide range of servers, network appliances, desktops, laptops and other systems. We monitor, manage and support your systems both on-site and remotely, 24/7. We expertise in fixing any potential issues before they can turn out to a problem, as we advise you of all possible warnings, errors or outages. We provide weekly/monthly flexible onsite support where you can purchase our services and avail them as and when demand arises. Our unified approach makes use of industry standard best practices that are implemented, deployed, managed and supported by a highly skilled team of hands-on IT professionals. We assure to provide you with the highest levels of satisfaction in achieving IT infrastructure stability and optimization at a lower cost.

We excel in delivering optimal solutions.

How do virtual house calls work?

Remote sessions require your permission to perform to start, you remain in complete control of the remote connection at all times, and you can see everything the technician does.

Why isn’t this covered by my ISP?
Your internet service provider (ISP) can typically assist you if the issue is with internet connectivity to the home. Support.com does not provide internet access, but we can help support all the connected devices in your home. We can help you with device connectivity, setup, and troubleshooting, or simply learning new features and functionality. With Support.com, you’ll receive premium support that allows you to sit back and watch while our experts do the work. You won’t have to spend time searching for answers online or bringing your device to a local technician.
What devices do you cover?

We cover nearly all internet-connected devices, including, but not limited to: personal computers (PCs, Macs), smartphones (Android & iOS), Smart TVs, printers, routers, sound systems, gaming systems, home theaters, automation systems, digital assistants, drones, etc.


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